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Eva Kyriakopoulou, who is the founder and designer of EvaKyr was born in Athens, Greece where she lives and works. She begun her undergraduate studies in Deree - The American College of Greece and at the same time she attended for five years, jewelry design and construction courses with Dimitris Nikolaidis. She completed her BA, in Visual Arts and a minor in Dance, graduating with the highest distinction - Summa Cum Laude

Eva draws her inspiration from everyday details of the Greek reality, as well as the visual arts. She forms her collections around fundamental notions like that of line and form introducing them within a deconstructed Greek framework. Line Collection I  & II unravel as a study of the line; at a first glance as a static object and then as a shape that moves within the three-dimensional space.  

The collections have a minimal identity based on simplicity and their aim is to evoke a sense of uniqueness and purity together with high-end quality. All jewelry pieces are handcrafted with care from skill-full artisans in Greece. 

Eva Kyriakopoulou

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